Can the Mighty C split travertine?



“I have been a stone mason for 35 years. The Mighty C is absolutely incredible. It is the best tool I have ever come across. We use it every day and we are already thinking of buying another one.”
  Fred Castaldo • Fred Castaldo Masonry • Steamboat Springs, CO

“Coming from a masonry family of over 50 years, The Mighty C is the most innovative tool we have ever used. It helps us give our clients the traditional masonry style and eliminates saw cutting. Thereby reducing air pollution and costly clean up time. We love it.”
  Jack & Nick Delavan • Delavan Masonry • Coeur d’Alene, ID

“We have found the Mighty C to be three times faster than saw cutting. Due to the C’s portability for indoor use and the elimination of dust from saw cutting, we are going to buy another one.”
  Chris Akins • Chris Akins Masonry • Spokane, WA

“The Mighty C is absolutely irreplaceable. Not only has productivity increased, but company moral is the best its ever been. We are currently using two Mighty C’s and about to buy a third.”
  Kraig Arndt • Arndt Masonry • Washington

“It was tough to pull the trigger and buy one, but when I got it on the jobsite and put it to work, I knew my Mighty C was the best purchase I had made in years. It was obvious what this machine would do for my masonry career.”
  Hans Luthi • Hans on Masonry • Canada

“There are so many benefits to having the Mighty C. Minimizing the hazardous dust, not having waste water to deal with when using a wet saw and just flat out being more productive. I can’t imagine doing a job without my Mighty C.”
  Tony Lindberg • Lindberg Masonry • Kalispell, MT

“I was skeptical about the Mighty C for six months and finally bought one. Within 30 days I bought my second Mighty C and now have 3 on the job. This machine is awesome.”
  Brent Lienweber • Bear Stone Masonry • Canada

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