MightyC Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Mighty C?
The Mighty C is a hydraulic thin veneer splitter designed to split thin veneer and thin veneer corners.
What is the Mighty C made of?
There are 6 basic parts to the Mighty C: Sleeve, Jam Nut, Bit Holder, Bit, Base and C Frame. All made from high quality tool steel.
What is included when I purchase the Mighty C?
The Mighty C, Pump, Hydraulic Hose with quick-connects, Tripod Stand and Quick-attach Mounting Brackets are all included with purchase.
Are there any additional items I will need to run the Mighty C?
Yes. You will need an air compressor and air hose in order to run the Mighty C.
What type of air compressor do I need?
Any brand of compressor will work. There are two specifications that need to be met:
1. The tank size should be 4-5 gallons.
2. The compressor needs to be able to produce 10 CFM @ 90 PSI.
How do I maintain the Mighty C?
All maintenance procedures are found in the manufacturer's manuals (AIR Pump or ELECTRIC Pump). This would include what type of hydraulic fluid, what the air pressures are, and how much air you will need.
Where may I purchase oil for the Mighty C?
Please visit the ENERPAC website at ENERPAC Distributors to locate an ENERPAC Distributor near you.
What kind of hoses do I need?
The Mighty C uses two types of hoses, hydraulic and air. The hydraulic hose is a specifically designed hose to work under the pressures produced by the pump and is supplied with the Mighty C. The other is a standard air hose used with your air compressor.
Does the Mighty C have a warranty?
Yes. There is a one year warranty on manufacturer defects.
What is the lifespan of the bits?
The lifespan of the bits will vary by the amount of use and type of material. What we have seen in the field with the Mighty C, under normal use, you should get 6 months to a year from a set of bits. When parts wear out, or to order replacement bits, simply contact Mighty C Inc.
What kind of rock can I split with Mighty C?
The Mighty C was designed to split thin veneer and thin veneer corners. You may be able to split other material depending on the size and hardness of the material.
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